Continuum Season 4, getting married and Directing my first Feature.

Hello 🙂 It’s been a while since my last post.  What a beautiful and busy summer! I Directed a movie called Writing Kim, I got married in June and now Season 4 of Continuum is about to air! Yes I got married:) And of course I’m going to share a couple photos! Photo Credit: AinsleyContinue reading “Continuum Season 4, getting married and Directing my first Feature.”

Liquid Amber Tattoo’s 2nd Annual Art Show Fundraiser

As some of you know I own a tattoo studio located in the heart of Vancouver’s historic Gastown area.  This SUNDAY DECEMBER 7th we are holding our 2nd Annual Art Show Fundraiser. Proceeds go to North Shore Rescue (A volunteer mountain rescue team). Come get your xmas shopping done while supporting this worthy cause. ItContinue reading “Liquid Amber Tattoo’s 2nd Annual Art Show Fundraiser”

Continuum wins 8 Leo Awards!! Woowhoo!

I am so proud of my Continuum family!! We pulled in 8 Leo Awards including Best Dramatic Series and Lexa Doig’s win for Best Supporting Actress. The night itself was filled with tons of fun! Lexa decided to spoil her daughter a bit by renting a Limo… so Lexa, Mia, Myself, Jessie and Omari gotContinue reading “Continuum wins 8 Leo Awards!! Woowhoo!”

Raw Beauty Talks – Interview

Raw Beauty Talks is a site which fosters conversations about “…beauty, confidence and self-love.” I had a great time at the photo shoot with photographer Ainsley Rose.  We went to 2nd beach in Vancouver and she snapped her shutter as we talked about life, friends and our silly dogs.  This experience was a friendly reminderContinue reading “Raw Beauty Talks – Interview”

Province Article – Luvia Petersen’s on screen terrorist hits the fan sweet spot

Glen Schaefer, writer for  The Province, did a nice piece on Continuum and the character I play, Jasmine Garza. He also got Simon Barry, show creator/writer/producer, and Rachel Nichols, who plays the lead Kiera Cameron, to chime in. The actor you see in the photo with me is Eric Knudsen.  We like to refer toContinue reading “Province Article – Luvia Petersen’s on screen terrorist hits the fan sweet spot”

Music Video – Starring Luvia Petersen

A while back I conned good friend and colleague Omari Netwon to dress up as the “sad bee” from Blind Mellons, No Rain video.  He agrees and we never looked back…  But I suppose I should start at the beginning… My girlfriend Jessie Robertson (bass) collaborated with Jen Foster (drums) & Laura Lee Shultz (leadContinue reading “Music Video – Starring Luvia Petersen”

Awards at the VQFF

Originally posted on Pulchritude Productions:
I got an email from the director of programming at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival the night before the closing night gala urging me to attend the last night of this wonderful festival where I was able to indulge myself in queer cinema for 11 days. Looking back now, that…

Hollywood North: Continuum’s Luvia Petersen tries to make future safe for queer actors

Hey Peeps. I will be participating in a great event going down Aug. 10 (1 to 4 p.m.)  by the Bob Loblaw Queer Arts Society at the Performing Arts Lodge Theatre (582 Cardero). The panel includes a Q&A with agents, directors and actors, moderated by the wonderful David C. Jones, and followed by a reading ofContinue reading “Hollywood North: Continuum’s Luvia Petersen tries to make future safe for queer actors”