Continuum wins 8 Leo Awards!! Woowhoo!

I am so proud of my Continuum family!! We pulled in 8 Leo Awards including Best Dramatic Series and Lexa Doig’s win for Best Supporting Actress. The night itself was filled with tons of fun! Lexa decided to spoil her daughter a bit by renting a Limo… so Lexa, Mia, Myself, Jessie and Omari gotContinue reading “Continuum wins 8 Leo Awards!! Woowhoo!”

First two Episodes of Continuum

I sit here on my comfy couch writing you with sore muscles and an elated heart!  The sore muscles come from a “superman punch” which I executed yesterday about 50 times with the tutelage of stunt god, and all around amazing guy, Kimani Ray Smith.  The elated heart is due to the fact that IContinue reading “First two Episodes of Continuum”