15 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Luvia, you are a very beautiful woman and a talented actress.
    Good luck and success. Greetings from the Republic of Belarus.

  2. Hey luvia. Today I just sat on my phone and googled continuum. I wanted to know who the awesome actors and actresses. Rachel nichols and u r two of my favorite actresses there. Keep up the totally AWESOME work. Cool tatoos too btw. My favorite scene was when u blew up the gas truck and were like wooohooo. LoL and also when u lifted travis on the helipaD. Did u have any favorite scene?

  3. A fellow Montrealer (ex-pat like yourself) would like to congratulate you on all your recent success. Garza is far and away the most intriguing character on Continuum. Love what you’re doing with the role. At this moment, Episode 4 of Falling Skies has just ended … I hope your character survives to Ep 5. The show can use a little more bad-ass female attitude after killing off Luciana Carro. And, frankly, Sarah Carter’s character is getting a bit too domesticated. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the kind words John! And thanks so much for watching!! TV & Film could use some more bad-assery in the female character department and I am more then happy to fill that void πŸ˜‰

  4. Greetings from Texas. You are making Garza a can’t do without role on Continuum. Your acting is really spot on, and being stunning is just a bonus.

  5. I just started watching Continuum a few weeks ago… Season 2: Second Listen… *shivers*) You have star written all over you. I hope that more projects come to make that happen. Thank you for sharing you! :^)

  6. Love your character, its great to see a strong willed woman on the screen. Keep up the great work on Continuum.

  7. hi luvia i see you for the first time in continuum you like me so much and i see here your images where you are smiling, so more beautiful.

  8. Luvia is a 15 on s scale of 1-10. She is smart and a gallivanted kick ass chick! Hey, I am 59 and I like what I see. Shhhhh. Can’t wait for Continuum to return. Watch out for Luvia to keep the future on track!

  9. Hello Lucia,
    I just wanted you to know that you are an inspiration to me. I looked you up after watching you on Continuum with my son. I read your Bio, Being honest about your sexuality and living your life free of what others live in silence and our afraid to be out. I am a Rochester, NY native, went to SUNY Buffalo and had many wonderful times as a youth in Toronto. I now live in NC and plan on visiting NY and make my way to Canada to visit friends and get some ink after we figure out what Trump has planned.

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