Click to view my credits on IMDB: Luvia Petersen – IMDB

Current headshots taken by Jessie Robertson Photography

Old headshots…

8 thoughts on “Headshots

  1. Hello Luvia just wanted you to know that I am big fan of yours.To the, your phote shop you, are so very beauiful, But they are awe some, but they see a Lady intelligent and strorg who could aslo kick there ass. It sucks there ending the show. Do you have anoyhe show set up Iike on syfy or another network? I hope this is the blog you read and if not please send the corrrect. Thank you for your art of acting, and I am a loyal fan. Pleas tells us what your are doing avcting,and personal endaver. Aaing thank you for every for acting, ect sincBobby

    • Hi 🙂 Thanks for the message. I will be flying to Australia to be part of the Australian Movie & Comic Expo. After that, I am heading to Washington DC to shoot a movie called Moonshot. Thanks for the support!

  2. OMG, what a cutie! Is it the high cheekbones, the short sporty blonde cut, or the “catch me if you can” look? Who cares! 🙂 Still trying to figure out why you look so familiar, though…

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