Luvia Petersen talks about the UBCP/ACTRA Diversity and Inclusion Committee roundtable series

Interview with – Who are you BC?

Check out this interview I did for “Who are you BC”. I got to chat with the lovely Dominic Ball and talk about myself 🙂 What a privilege! You can check out the episode here: As always, thanks for watching! 🙂

Dog Bite teaser

Wanna check out a fun teaser video? Click HERE. Wanna DONATE & SHARE? Click HERE. With just A FEW HOURS LEFT in our ingiegogo campaign, we need your help to reach our goal! Please, DONATE & SHARE NOW!  

Gears Of War 4!

I am happy to announce my involvement in the latest rendition of the celebrated video game, Gears Of War.  Sorry, can’t tell you about the game itself or the characters… what I can tell you is I worked on the motion capture side which was incredibly fun! The people at The Coalition and StoryLab Productions wereContinue reading “Gears Of War 4!”

Continuum on Syfy Live tweeting is on! And guess what? I’m going to be in the movie “Moon Shot”

Tomorrow is a very exiting day for Continuum fans in North America! The 2nd episode of Continuum Season 4 will be released on Showcase (9pm et/pt) and Syfy will be airing our Season 4 premier in the US (11pm et).  I will be joining many of my cast mates for a live tweeting session so make sureContinue reading “Continuum on Syfy Live tweeting is on! And guess what? I’m going to be in the movie “Moon Shot””

I’m joining Anthony Meindl Actors Workshop (AMAW) in 2015 as a Teacher!

Hello fellow actors and industry friends. I’m pleased to announce that starting January 2015, I will be joining the staff at AMAW (Anthony Meindl Actor Workshop) Vancouver. My journey to the school began with a desire to bring more of myself into my acting. My good friend, and acting coach, Alison Araya suggested I auditContinue reading “I’m joining Anthony Meindl Actors Workshop (AMAW) in 2015 as a Teacher!”

Province Article – Luvia Petersen’s on screen terrorist hits the fan sweet spot

Glen Schaefer, writer for  The Province, did a nice piece on Continuum and the character I play, Jasmine Garza. He also got Simon Barry, show creator/writer/producer, and Rachel Nichols, who plays the lead Kiera Cameron, to chime in. The actor you see in the photo with me is Eric Knudsen.  We like to refer toContinue reading “Province Article – Luvia Petersen’s on screen terrorist hits the fan sweet spot”

New York state of mind.

Originally posted on my eyes perceive:
Luvia and I went to New York for 2 weeks in September, and I am now getting around to finally posting some pictures. I took about 900 photos while I was there and going through which ones to post has made me fall in love all over again. It’s…

Dragon Con 2013 – Continuum Panel w/ Jen Spence, Brian Markinson & ME!

I was invited to attend Dragon Con this September.  For those of you not in the know… Dragon Con is an annual Sci-Fi Convention held in Atlanta Georgia.  I was there with my fellow Continuum colleges Jen Spence and Brian Markinson. I had an amazing time, met amazing fans and am crossing my fingers weContinue reading “Dragon Con 2013 – Continuum Panel w/ Jen Spence, Brian Markinson & ME!”

Awards at the VQFF

Originally posted on Pulchritude Productions:
I got an email from the director of programming at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival the night before the closing night gala urging me to attend the last night of this wonderful festival where I was able to indulge myself in queer cinema for 11 days. Looking back now, that…

Hollywood North: Continuum’s Luvia Petersen tries to make future safe for queer actors

Hey Peeps. I will be participating in a great event going down Aug. 10 (1 to 4 p.m.)  by the Bob Loblaw Queer Arts Society at the Performing Arts Lodge Theatre (582 Cardero). The panel includes a Q&A with agents, directors and actors, moderated by the wonderful David C. Jones, and followed by a reading ofContinue reading “Hollywood North: Continuum’s Luvia Petersen tries to make future safe for queer actors”

The VMR and Nichelle Nichols!

Originally posted on my eyes perceive:
At the Vancouver Fan Expo this year I was lucky enough to tag along with the hosts of the VMR (Visible Minority Report), Luvia Petersen and Omari Newton, as they interviewed the incredible Nichelle Nichols. If you don’t know who Nichelle is, well let’s just say she has a…

Did you know I do a podcast?

Did you know I am involved in a Podcast with none other then famed actor and Continuum co-star Omari Newton?! What to check it out? You can go to Itunes and subscribe to our feed. Just search, The Visible Minority Report and voila!  You can also click HERE to go to our blog.

Continuum Receive’s 5 Nominations from The Academy of Canadian Cinema

I’m very proud to be a part of the hit TV Series Continuum!  Working with amazing people everyday is in itself a reward… however, it’s always great to receive accolades from others who enjoy watching! We have been nominated for 5 awards including: Best Dramatic Series: “Continuum” (Timely Productions Inc.) Simon Barry, Tom Rowe, PatrickContinue reading “Continuum Receive’s 5 Nominations from The Academy of Canadian Cinema”

Urban Rush Interview

Roger Cross and myself were interviewed today on Shaw TV’s Urban Rush.  Michael Eckford & Fiona Forbes were the perfect hosts!  Funny, witty and engaging.  I would go back in a heart beat… even if I wasn’t being interviewed.  The whole Urban Rush crew make it so welcoming, it’s just a fun place to be!Continue reading “Urban Rush Interview”

Shooting a short film

From November 12th – 15th, 2011 I shot an independent short film alongside an amazing Vancouver cast and crew.  I realized some important facts about myself, the industry and the importance of story. What did I learn about myself?  It’s simple really… I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do!  I’ve arrived, I’m an actress,Continue reading “Shooting a short film”

What’s New??

Tonight I am meeting with none other than Mr. Daniel Boileau of DB Studios to create a new demo reel!! I am super excited to post it.

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