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Luvia Petersen was raised in Montreal, Canada until the age of 6 when her family relocated to Alberta. After three years her family moved to BC, which is where she lives today.

Luvia showed a strong interest for both athletics and drama while attending high-school in Kelowna, BC.  She chose to pursue athletics, which lead her to participating at the provincial level in both rugby and soccer.  After a successful run in the world of sports, Luvia chose to revisit her love for acting.  She attended an acting program at The Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts.  Luvia continued training under renowned acting coach Warren Robertson (teacher to Larry Moss) while teaching and coaching at Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts. (2004-2010)

Her first professional job came at the age of 25, when she was cast in the Emmy nominated TV series The L-Word (2004-2005).

Luvia is best known for her work as the scrappy, stern-gazed paramilitary soldier Jasmine Garza on SyFy’s Continuum (2012) for which she was nominated for a CSA (Canadian Screen Award) and a Leo Award for best actress.

Luvia is currently working as a series regular on the new CityTV police procedural The Murders. Other select acting credits include Ghost Wars (Syfy/Netflix) for which she was nominated for Leo Award for best actress.

Alongside her acting career, Luvia is the co-artistic director of the ARTery Collective, a company and collaboration of artists who produce storytelling through the mediums of theatre and film. Luvia is also part owner of Liquid Amber Tattoo and Art Collective   which is located in Vancouver’s historic Gastown area. She currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia with her wife Jessie Robertson.

67 thoughts on “Bio

  1. I stumbled upon your site and just had to comment. I’ve recently watched all of Continuum. You have pulled off the ‘bad ass’ chick perfectly, I completely believe you. Bravo.

    (I hope there will be a season two.)

  2. Just like Peter, I’ve just found out about Continuum and watched the first season. Looking forward for the next one (which I’m sure will happen). You really nailed Garza’s role, congratulations! From ep1 I could see you’re as talented as beautiful.
    Wish you lots of success.
    Kisses from Brazil 🙂

  3. First of all, you are amazing(as I’m sure you know from the spamming of tweets I send your way). Secondly, you were in Reaper?! I didn’t recognize you, I will have to go back and rematch it. But you just keep doing what you’re doing, beautiful. I hope I get to meet you someday!

  4. OK, I’m slower at TV than the rest – I just recently caught up with Continuum – wow – that show makes me think … and then slams my head into the wall. I love it. (not the wall part)

    I agree with Peter, you’ve got that bad–ass part _down_ in the show – but your smile here gives you away. “Acting a little more like myself…” you’re difficult to pin down from this side of the screen. 😉

    I hope the show’s not too cerebral – don’t want to say I like it too much, my tastes don’t seem to follow well, but I really want this series to go on and on. I hope to see you in many, many more episodes.

  5. Now there is just one bit of info missing in this resume, and I’m sure you know which one it is. Splendid performance in the latest Continuum ep, by the way. But made me wonder and look you up over here too. Hope to see more of you, though your character seems like she is heading for a heartbreaking death eventually (let’s hope not or not any time soon).
    Thank you! (btw, would love to get a tat at liquid amber, but another continent here)…

  6. Watching Continuum Season 2… It’s great that your getting more screentime in this season, you bring an edge to the show… I just love to hate you! (your character that is..)

  7. Hey! I think you have done a good job on Falling Skies so far. Keep up the good work! Also, give me some spoilers please 🙂

      • Hey Luvia : Yeps : Here in Belgium they waited just 1 month and than moved on, we just saw episode 9. Thx. for responding. Nice.

  8. Wow. Up to season 2 episode 10 in the UK and your my favourite baddie… But then again I think the writers could so easily make you mission in to one of redemption and assistance. Beautiful and fantastic supporting acting. I hope you get a lead role of your own soon!

  9. i just finished watching Continuum season 2.!! what an ending .. i wanna see season 3 tonight when im sleeping .. 😀 hahaa.. nice job Garza 😉

  10. Hi!
    Just got finished watching most of season two on netflix! I loved it and loved the screen time you have so far!
    Two more episodes to go! I nearly passed out in the episode where you had to drop your dress and take out your piercings! hahaha Damn girl! I had to rub my wedding ring a few times on that one! Talk about a future behind you!lololololololol Great work! Hope to see more of you(no pun intended!) on continuum and beyond!

  11. Just watched tomorrow people episode with you very cool made me long for continuum can’t wait till it comes back good stuff your such a bad ass so is keria not spelt right is it

  12. I’m with Leonard(figuratively speaking) not a huge ink fan but you’re pretty awesome! Best of luck with your burgeoning career! :-p

  13. Luvia, It is an honor to communicate with you and very exciting to think you may actually read my words! There is such awesome depth in your exquisite brown eyes! Is your hair usually like it is in continuum or is that just for the show? Do you ever dye it different colors? Oh, I’m sorry if that’s too personal. I used to live in NH and have many relatives in Canada. My dream is to go to Vancouver and get into a show like you did! Thank you! Jeffrey Q!

    • Hi Jeffrey, My hair was long and brown before I booked Continuum. They asked me to cut and colour it for the show. The best excuse to get a cool hair cut! Best of luck to you and thanks for the support!

  14. Purchased season one and two of the Continuum cards. Got two sets but was not lucky
    enough to get your signed card. I am going to see if I can buy it in some other
    way, probably from the Rittenhouse website. Any way of getting you to sign a couple
    of the regular cards that are doubles? Great show, hope it keeps on going for a
    few more years.

    • Hi Tom 🙂 Thanks for the support and kind words! I will sign your cards no problem. You can send them to my agents. See the contact page. Make sure to include a self addressed envelope. Best 🙂 Luvia

  15. Hello Luvia

    Thank you very much for signing the Continuum cards for me. The little note that you wrote and signed means just as much to me as the signed cards. Looking forward to the next season. I know that you are wanting to direct, could there by a episode in the future under your direction?

    • Hi Tom! No problem 🙂 Thanks for sending the cards. I am working on a few collaborations right now… some in writing, music and eventually directing. My problem is I want to do everything, haha. Take care and thanks for the support!

  16. Garza is my favorite character on continuum. you’re just so freaking amazing. thanks for making the show so amazing 😏

  17. Just another Continuum fan here, this time in Spain. I love your character, there’s something amazingly erotic about watching you beat people up!

  18. Hey Luvia : Nice to hear that yout back in Continuum for a fourth season. Hope to see it soon on Belgian TV. Thx. and keep up the good work. 🙂

  19. Love Continuum, I’ve read via Rachel Nichols that season 4 is the last, I hope not! The storyline has so much more to offer! However if it’s not to be, I will be looking forward to seeing you in other roles soon 🙂

  20. I’m glad I found continuum, great show and I just spent the last 2 days watching every episode they released over here so far (2 seasons)…. Can’t wait to see the rest and you rock!!

  21. I really liked your performance in Continuum! I must ask a silly question – do you have any roots in Scandinavia as I am actually originally from a small Finnish town called Luvia? Hugs and kisses from Finland!

  22. Luvia, Your role as Garza is, to put it mildly, amazing!! I know that work is over used but it truly applies to your performance. I have watched all 3 sesons of Continuum on Netflix in the US. I am looking forward to season 4. Your character is bad ass and you really make her both tough and yet, some how, genuine. Thanks for what you bring to a great show.

  23. I feel like my life is complete with Continuum. Garza’s my favorite Liber8or right now, she’s just so bad ass haha. GJ for the amazing job 😀 Pretty sad that the fourth season is the last though :'< Ah well, Continuum will forever be one of my favorite series ever!

  24. I am just finished the serie last night, Such a great Role Luvia, I love it, such a strong but in the same time feminine, the power of the duality inside of you !! Very nice!!

    I would like to know if will be possible to get some some autograph.

  25. Just watched Continuum season 4 in Australia. Luvia – you are amazing! You’ve nailed it as Garza. Strong but still feminine – nearly impossible combination 🙂 Shame no more Continuum.

  26. Been watching ‘The Murders.’ (Which I think is a good, solid, police procedural.) And I like the character of Meg Harris, and I think you do a great job of portraying her.

    Question though – and if this is too personal, please accept my apologies and ignore it – but was Meg written as gay from the inception of the show, or was she written as gay when you were cast in the role?

    • Hello. Great question! My understanding is, they had planned to make Meg a lesbian character from the start.

      I love working on this show and hope we get a chance at a few more seasons! Thanks for watching and for commenting here 🙂

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