First two Episodes of Continuum

I sit here on my comfy couch writing you with sore muscles and an elated heart!  The sore muscles come from a “superman punch” which I executed yesterday about 50 times with the tutelage of stunt god, and all around amazing guy, Kimani Ray Smith.  The elated heart is due to the fact that IContinue reading “First two Episodes of Continuum”

2012 starts off with an “Out of Time” bang

Hello everyone. I’ve been thinking about writing a new post but I didn’t have anything to write about.  Guess what? I do now 😉 I got ‘THAT’ phone call two days ago.  You know the one… Jodie “Hi Luvia, this is Jodie. I can’t talk ’cause I’m on a plane.  (side note: you know yourContinue reading “2012 starts off with an “Out of Time” bang”

Shooting a short film

From November 12th – 15th, 2011 I shot an independent short film alongside an amazing Vancouver cast and crew.  I realized some important facts about myself, the industry and the importance of story. What did I learn about myself?  It’s simple really… I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do!  I’ve arrived, I’m an actress,Continue reading “Shooting a short film”

I long to hear those 3 beautiful words…

Phone rings, I look at my call display… it’s my agent. My heart jumps, this phone call has great potential.  It could be an audition, a booking or perhaps every casting director in the city wants to have a party in my honour because I am so amazing.  Okay maybe not, but I would certainlyContinue reading “I long to hear those 3 beautiful words…”

My path to becoming an actress.

Contrary to what my mother might tell you, I was not born an actress.  Sure I played with imaginary friends. I also conducted interpretive dance performances in front of my grandparents camera.  My acting journey didn’t truly begin until I turned 25.  At the time I was working as a sales associate at a VideoContinue reading “My path to becoming an actress.”

What I’ve done as an actress?

“What have you done, anything I would know?” This is usually the first question I get when I come out as an actress to a group of new people. I don’t mind the question; I do feel a little shy unraveling my resume in front of people.  In all honestly I should probably let goContinue reading “What I’ve done as an actress?”