The Murders TV Series

My next acting project premiers March 25th on CityTV. Hope you can check it out 🙂

Here is my character Meg Harris being badass!

Highlights of the show for me were, (in no particular order)… Working with, Terry Chen who is my old buddy from Continuum days! And look, I was able to find a photo of us 🙂

Garza & Curtis from Continuum TV series

Working with Jessica Lucas was amazing! Especially when I found out she was in Cloverfield! Keep in mind we had already been working together for two months before I put two and two together! “OMG! YOU WERE IN CLOVERFIELD???” I totally fan-girled on her for the rest of the show. Literally, sometimes right before action I would look at her and be like, “I can’t believe I’m about to act with the woman from Cloverfield!”

Dylan Bruce, beautiful human inside and out!

And then of course there is Dylan Bruce. We had SO MANY LAUGHS on set! He is a kind and generous actor who really invests himself in each scene. I sincerely hope we get a season 2 so I get to hang out with him again!

I have to shout out our amazing show-runner Damon Vignale!He led a team of talented writers to create a world I sincerely hope I get to return to! The fate of our show is now in the hands of the viewers. I hope you love watching it as much as we enjoyed making it 🙂

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