2015 Update

Hi Gang!! What’s new?  With me… lots. Where to start?

Most recently I am back working with my Continuum family on season 4! We’ve been told this is our last season… but I like the saying ‘never say never’, don’t you? What I do know is that Simon Barry is prepared to blow the roof off of the sic-fi ceiling. BOOM! I would like to add that the last four years have been incredible. Thank you, thank you and thank you.. for watching smart television, being informed viewers and giving a sh*t 😉 It means a lot!

A few other projects I’ve recently worked on…

Proof: a supernatural medical drama staring Jennifer Beals slated to premier on TNT in 2015.

Motive: in it’s 3rd season, Motive is an unconventional crime drama that poses the question of “whydunit” rather than “whodunit.”

I will try to send out a tweet & Facebook message before each air date. Make sure you follow me on one or both because I retweet funny stuff… and I love fan feedback & interaction 🙂 Truth!!

DIRECTING!!! It’s no secret that I would like to get into directing!! Season 3 of Continuum, Amanda Tapping let me shadow her for 3 weeks while she Directed episodes 306 & 307. I loved it!! Amanda was super generous with me and shared a ton of trade secrets. I am forever grateful!

I had the opportunity to Direct a music video a few weeks ago.  I had a lot of help!! Specifically from 8 Monkeys Productions, New Indigo Ventures and my wonderful Producer Ellen MacDonald!  The band is Miss Quincy and The Showdown. The video will be available online and should be released soon (ish).  Go to THIS LINK to see some on set stills taken by Jessie Robertson 🙂

I look forward to Directing and Acting on some more great projects. Universe, keep ’em coming!!! Thanks for reading and have a great night!!


3 thoughts on “2015 Update

  1. Hi. Thanks for all the support!! I agree with the fact that it’s better to have an ending then be left hanging with a cliffhanger! Hope you have a great day 🙂

  2. Hi, I Twitter stalk you (and FB stalk you too) but it’s nice to see everything you’ve got going on in one place. I’m excited to see Proof, sounds like my kinda show. I’m still coming to terms with Continuum ending, it’s devastating really but at least there will be an ending, I’ll get closure and I won’t be left hanging with an explosive cliffhanger and never know what happened. I’d always rather see you in front of the camera but if directing is your passion I’ll be happy to watch anything your creative mind brings to life. Thanks for the excellent update.

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