I’m joining Anthony Meindl Actors Workshop (AMAW) in 2015 as a Teacher!

Hello fellow actors and industry friends. I’m pleased to announce that starting January 2015, I will be joining the staff at AMAW (Anthony Meindl Actor Workshop) Vancouver.

My journey to the school began with a desire to bring more of myself into my acting. My good friend, and acting coach, Alison Araya suggested I audit a class at AMAW. I found Anthony Meindl’s method, or rather non-method, was exactly what I was looking for.  I’ve been actively taking classes now for over 6 months and plan to continue my own studies as I begin to teach.

It’s free to audit if you want to come check out a class and see if AMAW resonates with you as well.  Hope to see you in class 🙂

Here’s some more info on AMAW and how to register for a free audit:

“Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop L.A. school has been voted the #1 Acting Studio in L.A. by Backstage Magazine three years in a row and is known as the studio of the “next generation” up-and-coming stars. We now have studios in Vancouver, New York, London and Sydney as well.
We’d love to have you come in to observe one of our classes at our Vancouver studio to see first if it’s a good fit for you. Audits are available Mondays at 6pm. Please e-mail shelley@anthonymeindl.com to schedule an audit. Everyone coming in to AMAW begins with the 6-week intro course, which costs $365. Subsequent on-going classes are $200 per month after completion of the Intro course. Also, you will receive a $20 discount on the six week intro class when you purchase Anthony’s book on Amazon.com and email us the receipt. To get into the next intro course after you audit, you’ll be placed on a wait list. When available, you’ll receive an email offering you a spot in our next intro class.”

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