Continuum wins 8 Leo Awards!! Woowhoo!

I am so proud of my Continuum family!! We pulled in 8 Leo Awards including Best Dramatic Series and Lexa Doig’s win for Best Supporting Actress.

The night itself was filled with tons of fun! Lexa decided to spoil her daughter a bit by renting a Limo… so Lexa, Mia, Myself, Jessie and Omari got to roll in style! There is something about being in a Limo that simultaneously makes me feel excited and pretentious. haha Whatever we owned it!

Once we arrived at the Leo’s we were taken to THE RED CARPET.  Basically, you walk in a semi-circle and someone follows you around telling photographers who you are. Sometimes you get interviewed and sometimes they just rush you through.

Then we got to go to a lounge area where we mingled with people we’ve worked with in the past and people we would LOVE to work with in the future!  A few drinks later we got seated at table 17. Lots of hugs and smiles and, “OMG you look amazing’s” later we sat down to enjoy our meal.

The evening began with awards, awards and more awards… I think about 3-4 hours later the show was over. We had lots of laughs and the best part of the whole evening was celebrating with the people I love! Here are a few photo’s from the night.

Thanks for reading!

omari-jessie-lexa-mia-luvia omari-and-jessie-limo luvia-and-jodi-at-leos luvia-and-jessie-kissing-at-leos levia-and-jessie-at-leos leos-continuum-win2 continuum team at leos

One thought on “Continuum wins 8 Leo Awards!! Woowhoo!

  1. Reblogged this on My life…Dogs…Cats…Movies…Books…TV… and commented:
    This show is one of the best around. All awards are well deserved and I’d say well earned with how much work they put into each episode. With every new season it just gets better. The writing and acting are splendid. Oh and check out those pictures…oh my…Luvia Petersen…swoon…she’s a very talented actress (and very beautiful)…no wonder I’m a fan.

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