Music Video – Starring Luvia Petersen

A while back I conned good friend and colleague Omari Netwon to dress up as the “sad bee” from Blind Mellons, No Rain video.  He agrees and we never looked back…  But I suppose I should start at the beginning…

My girlfriend Jessie Robertson (bass) collaborated with Jen Foster (drums) & Laura Lee Shultz (lead vocals. guitar) to create 90’s band Dating Myself.  There is a time travel story and ridiculously hilarious indegogo fundraising video worth checking out HERE!

Anyway… some time has passed. They made and released their tape cassette… and now they unleash the first music video off their latest album, “Fine, There”.



3 thoughts on “Music Video – Starring Luvia Petersen

  1. this was great. i’ve been watching continuum straight through for the past 4 days. seeing lucas in the bee girl costume was wonderful.

  2. Cool song & super fun video:)
    Things that were awesome:
    – Seeing an actual cassette tape (whut!!?)
    – Seeing a car that still has a tape deck.
    – I have the exact same red bottle opener keychain. (I may have yelled at the screen).
    – Omari in that freaking bee costume was probably the best thing ever.

    It looks like good times were had. Thanks for sharing!

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