Working on TNT’s Falling Skies with Director Greg Beeman

Would it surprise you if I said I didn’t even know Falling Skies was shot in Vancouver? Shame on me!  It is my JOB to know what is shot here… and so I have punished myself with the appropriate amount of lashes.

Audition Process:

Falling Skies is cast by Heike Brandstatter and Coreen Mayrs.  My first audition was a pre-screen with Heike, her awesome assistan/reader Annalese Tilling, and their camera man who shall remain unnamed simply because I don’t know it.  (mental note, find out his name) The pre-screen went well… Anna was a great reader as always and I especially liked how she took her time with the beats.  She really listened to me which in turn allowed me to really listen to her.

Call Back:

My call-back audition consisted of Director David Solomon, Director/Producer Greg BeemanAshley Shields accompanied by a few other’s who’s names escape me at the moment.  The call back went well… except something crazy happened to me.  Something that has NEVER happened to me in an audition.  About half way through the scene I had a moment of panic.  All of the sudden I had NO idea what my next line was.  I was listening to the reader.. going along… and them BAM.  I remember looking down at the ground where I had left my script. I knew the lines so well I didn’t think I would need them at all! Then something else crazy happened.  I looked up at the reader when she had finished talking, knowing it was cue. My turn to say SOMETHING.. then BAM… my mouth started moving and the lines came out of me.  They were there all along.  WTF?  I finished the audition, said thank you and left the room.  About a half hour later as I was reflecting on the audition I remembered the incident.  What happened I wondered? Then I recalled the words of great acting coach, Matthew Harrison.

I remember him speaking of being so in the moment with the reader that you may totally forget your lines, the scene.. everything.  He said it’s important to trust that the lines are there and they will come out at just the right time.  He said it’s one of the best things that can happen to you in an audition.  Well… it did, and it was.  Terrifying, exciting, thrilling, invigorating.

On Set:

I can’t get into too much detail for obvious reasons.  But I can say this. Working with the kind of professionals one finds on Falling Skies does up your game!  I’m referring to both Cast & Crew.

My Character:

Can’t talk about it… but I will say this; soooo much fun! Perhaps once season 3 is well on it’s way I can get into detail on the subject. Yes. That’s a great idea. I will do that.

Greg Beeman:

Here is a photo of myself and Greg Beeman.  Click HERE to check out Greg’s blog where he posts on set photo’s and answers viewer questions.  He is a generous, exciting guy to work with.  He genuinely cares about the show, the characters and their journey.  Greg took the time to call me before my first day on set and we had a great chat about my character.  He suggested some movie’s for me to view, one being Saving Private Ryan, which was for obvious reasons but let me say it anyway… Steven Spielberd directed it.  Tie in? Steven Spielberg is an Executive Producer on Falling Skies.  Awesome!

On the Set of Falling Skies with Greg Beeman and Luvia Petersen

Closing Statements:

I look forward to working with people like Greg and the entire Falling Skies family. People who truly care about story.  You can sense in their work and it’s contagious.  Thanks for reading!


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4 thoughts on “Working on TNT’s Falling Skies with Director Greg Beeman

  1. Awesome news. Congratulations! I don’t watch FS religiously like I do Continuum, but you’ll have to post when your episode(s) will air so I can catch them (and possibly a few prior so I’m not totally lost). Looking forward to seeing you as someone else. Best of luck:)


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