Continuum Season Two Confirmed! Now what?

Hello Bloggers, Tweeters and other web-crawler friends!  Sorry it has been so long since my last post! I’ve been doing a lot of outside activities because Vancouver is actually having a nice summer!  People tell me they can’t imagine living in a place that rains so much.  They ask me if I get depressed or feel moody when the weather doesn’t cooperate?  Here is what I tell them: When you live in a city that rains all the time it’s important to keep your focus on what you love about it, not what bums you out.  In order to survive the clouds, Vancouverites spend rainy days preparing and planning for when the sun does come out.  When that day arrives, as it inevitably always does, we enjoy the shit out of it because we don’t know how long it will last or when it will return!

What the hell am I talking about? I’m talking about the TV show I’m on. I’m talking about enjoying this ride now and not worrying about the rain.  Drum roll please…

Showcase just announced that it is renewing its’ hit TV show Continuum for a second season.  It’s official.  Of course the cast had the inside scoop, which is to say we were told things like: “It’s looking good for season two”, or “We are moving forward like it’s happening, but nothing is confirmed.”

It’s safe to say that I am beyond excited!  To be on a TV show as a recurring character is a thrill and a privilege.  To be on a successful TV show, that is to say one that is picked up for another season is amazing!  There are many great TV show’s that for what ever reason don’t get to continue living.  In this business the stars have got to be in your favor… and it doesn’t hurt to be lucky.

Thanks to everyone for their comments, support and especially for watching!  From what I hear season 2 is gonna take us all for a great ride 🙂



If you are catching Continuum fever like so many have.  You may want to check out the life it has beyond TV.  Here are some cool things worth getting into:

Graphic Novel: Continuum “The War Files”

Podcast: Liber8 – A Continuum Podcast with Mike & Dave

Online Game: Continuum the Game

Garza ties Alec to a chair and asks… “Do you think I’m pretty?”

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