2 thoughts on “NEW Continuum the TV Series OFFICIAL website

  1. I love/hate this tv show and definitely am NOT rooting for Kiera. I am not fooled into liking Kiera despite her good looks, sweetness, or love of her son. I keep hoping Kiera will understand the evils of unregulated capitalism and law enforcement that denies the human right to protest peacefully. But…. I am not holding my breath.

    The writers seem to paint the resistance only as violent thugs. I think this concept demoralizes the legitimate, non-violent protest organizations that are calling for more regulation and taxes for corporations or denying corporations the right to be “persons”.

    The writers seem to paint protest as mostly violent, which is unfair and untrue. The actual work we now face involves the very unglamorous work of joining systems, organizing for support and changing laws. It is time consuming but very necessary.

    But of course, the writers are paid by a corporation, which has a vested interest in keeping everything as it is and in demonizing anyone who would cut into their profits. It helps their cause to have a passive public, cowed by the threat of the violent fringe, paid off systems, and over-zealous law enforcement officers.

    This show makes me very sad on many levels and discourages the public from entering the change process.

    • Interesting view point and I agree with you on many levels… I hope we get a season 2 and you keep watching! You may be surprised at the turns the show takes. I also encourage you to write to Showcase and the Continuum writers. Thanks for the comment and take care.

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