May 27th at 9pm… what will you be watching? Continuum on Showcase.

That’s a wrap….  Five months has past since I heard those sweet words from my agents mouth; “You booked the role.”

For those of you who don’t read all my blog entries (shame on you) let me bring you up to speed.  Around late December of 2011 I got a call from my agent.  She told me I booked a series regular role on a TV series that was then called, “Out of Time”. You can read all about that experience by clicking HERE.

So… now that you are relatively up to speed, I continue.

In the last five months I have met and worked with some amazing talent both in front and behind the camera.  Each person has made a dramatic impression on me.  I wonder, is it always this great? I’ve heard some terrible stories about divas and assholes who share this industry with me.  I was sure I would have a couple drama stories to tell or perhaps one of those diva type experiences to share.  Alas, I carry with me are the memories of working with a group of professionals who made this journey one I will cherish!

Will there be a season two?  I sure hope so!  Not just because I’m on the show… (although I realize anything I say is bias, hear me out)… the people working on Continuum are the good guys.  The producers and writers care about story.  They care about stimulating viewers minds.  Given a chance they will call out life’s bull-shit and encourage people to care.   I hope you will watch Continuum when it airs May 27th and decide for yourselves.  Will Continuum be the groundbreaking TV show that reaches people on a real level? It sure has that potential.

Thanks for reading.

Continuum is a one-hour sci-fi thriller about a detective from the year 2077 who finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver and searching for ruthless criminals from the future. I play one of the “ruthless” criminals in a group known as Liber8. Of course we don’t consider ourselves criminals; we see ourselves as freedom fighters.

Check out Continuum when it airs on Showcase May 27th at 9pm.

5 thoughts on “May 27th at 9pm… what will you be watching? Continuum on Showcase.

  1. Hey miss Lu!!! So happy for you, congratulations!!! Definitely will have the PVR set to record, looking forward to it!!!!!

  2. This is FANTASTIC 🙂 I am so watching. Thank GOODNESS for PVR. You were a great teacher of mine during my class at VADA! Fruits of your passion. Will we see you first episode?


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