First two Episodes of Continuum

I sit here on my comfy couch writing you with sore muscles and an elated heart!  The sore muscles come from a “superman punch” which I executed yesterday about 50 times with the tutelage of stunt god, and all around amazing guy, Kimani Ray Smith.  The elated heart is due to the fact that I am being paid to play.

There are moments on set where I have to stop and go, “Wow! I’m holding an M16 and shooting it and THIS is my job!!”  I remember playing spies with my cousin when I was a kid and now, 20 ish years later, someone is asking me to play spies again only I’m a grown up and they pay me.

For obvious reasons I can’t tell you too much about the show … however, I would like to share what it’s been like to work with the amazing star studded cast and crew.   Here is a photo taken day 1 of shooting.

From left to right: Me aka Luvia Petersen, Mike Dopu, Lexa Doig, Roger Cross, Terry Chen, and Stephen Lobo.

Mike was the first actor I met at the read through.  He was engaging, friendly and has a great presence.  I also met Lexa at the read through and loved her right away.  She has a great sense of humor and I must say, it’s nice having another girl around!  Next is Roger who is like the big brother I always wanted.  He makes everyone on the set laugh and happens to be the best at words with friends (scrabble for you layman’s).  Terry comes with extensive experience working in action movies so he is my go-to guy for, “Hey Terry, how can I make this entrance look bad ass?”  Stephen is fascinating to watch.  I have enjoyed being present for the development of his character.  He always brings something unexpected and brilliant to each take.

Omari Newton wasn’t in the above photo… but you will have to check out episodes one and two to find out why 🙂  Omari is my boy!  He and I are like the new kids on the block.  That’s not to say we haven’t done our share of work.  Just that all the other people I mentioned above have been in the business longer then we have.  At lunch time, Omari and I sit in full reception while the rest of the cast recite stories about actors and directors they have worked with over the years.  It never gets boring hearing about the behind the scenes showbiz world and, if I may say, it’s almost as dramatic and entertaining as the shows themselves. Almost 🙂

Next time I’m on set I will snap a photo of Simon Barry, creator and executive producer.  Along with being a creative genius, Simon is an all around genuinely kind man.  I’m looking forward to working with him over the next four months and, crosses fingers, perhaps over the next 5-7 years!  My favorite moment with Simon so far has been after my character shoots the crap out of an M16.  It was my first time ever firing a gun of that magnitude.  For those of you who know me even a little, you can just image the smile I had on my face.  Simon comes up to me after the shot and says, “I’m going to make sure your character shoots a lot of guns in this show!” Simon, that is the sweetest thing a producer has ever said to me!

The other Continuum producers include; Pat Williams, Jeff King and Tom Rowe.  I’m looking forward to getting to know all of them better as the show progresses.  Even though I’ve only just met the producers of Continuum I know they are a smart savvy forward thinking group of collaborators.  How do I know this you ask?  They got Jon Cassar to come on board and direct the first two episodes.  Jon’s most recent shows include, 24, The Kennedys, Terra Nova.  Something else worth mentioning is Jon’s most recent accolade at the DGA’s (Directors Guild Awards) where he won for Outstanding Directorial Achievement for his work on The Kennedys.   Congratulations Jon!

Finally I would like to mention my amazing and supportive girlfriend Jessie.  This last month she has let me come home a ramble on about my days on set.  She has been a true supportive friend and companion and I love her very much!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “First two Episodes of Continuum

  1. You are an awesome character in the series, I like to see how you’re bad in the series but have your moments as when Alec told you not to kill him, make me love you in that moment; thanks for your great performance, You’ve earned a fan from Colombian.

  2. I just met Simon’s lovely mother at our wrap party. You are absolutely correct she is a lovely person. Thanks for the comment. Will you be able to watching the show from Ireland? I suppose you can view anything these days with the internet. 🙂

  3. Hi Luvia,
    Greetings from Ireland
    I’ve never met Simon but know his parents, lovely people so I’m not surprised he’s nice. My son Alun has met him. Best of luck with the show.

  4. Thanks for sharing Luvia:) It’s so great to read about all the behind-the-scenes snippets. So looking forward to the show!

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