2012 starts off with an “Out of Time” bang

Hello everyone. I’ve been thinking about writing a new post but I didn’t have anything to write about.  Guess what? I do now 😉

I got ‘THAT’ phone call two days ago.  You know the one…


“Hi Luvia, this is Jodie. I can’t talk ’cause I’m on a plane.  (side note: you know your agent is good when she’s calling you from a plane bound for Maui)  I wanted to call you quick to tell you that production is sending me an offer for you.”


“An offer? Really?!”


“Yes!  Way to go Luvia. I’m so happy for you.  They want you for Out of Time.”


“Yes!” as I jump up and down.


“Okay, I will call you once I know more. Merry Christmas”


“Okay! Thanks again”

Then I hung up the phone. Ran around my place and proceeded to call some important people in my life.  (if I didn’t call you right away it doesn’t mean you’re not important.)

After the phone calls I just sat there.  I was a little shell shocked.  I wondered if I needed to do anything?  Prepare myself in some way.  Nope. I’ve been preparing for the last 8 years. Acting classes. Workshops. Auditions. Workshops. More acting classes. More training. Breathe Luvia, you are ready for this.

Still feeling unsettled and ridiculously excited, I decided to do some yoga.  So I went to my online yoga site and did a session.  Afterwords I felt great! Energized, grounded and balanced.

I’m still super excited… and to be perfectly honest a little tentative to tell people. Even as I write this blog there is a part of me saying… nooooo.. don’t tell people, wait 3 months…  just to be safe.  Ahhh what the hell.

At the audition…

Originally they were looking to cast a male in my role.  Then I guess they decided they wanted to see what my character would look like as a female.  When I was waiting to go into the room, Sean (the casting director) came out and said, “They are looking for a tough-chick. Don’t over complicate it.” So I went in the room and busted Sean’s balls throughout the scene.  Boom.  No call back. No “you’re on hold”.  Just the phone call from my agent.

Here are some show details:

Out of Time

Timely Productions, Inc.
Exec Prod: Tom Rowe/Jeff King/Simon Barry/Pat Williams
Line Producer: Holly Redford
Directors: Jon Cassar/Various
Shoot: January 10, 2012

Out of Time is a one-hour sci-fi thriller/drama which centers on a female cop in the year 2077 who is transporting a group of terrorists en route to their execution. Suddenly, however, the group is sent time traveling back to 2012 where they can reconstitute their violent agenda.  I play one of the terrorists.  That’s all I really want to say right now.  I don’t want to get in trouble for giving away too much.  I will ley you all know when it airs and on what channel to tune in.

Here is a link to a Variety article my mom found.  She is amazing at finding information.  Five minutes after I told her she had this article posted on facebook 🙂 thanks mom.

10 thoughts on “2012 starts off with an “Out of Time” bang

  1. Fabulous Luvia – I just saw this on the film list and somehow got to your google blog….very cool. Have fun! Drea

  2. And that’s called kicking ass.
    Way to go Luvia 🙂 Im really looking forward to seeing this pilot, such a great concept & I know you’ll be amazing in it. Great way to start 2012 with a bang!

  3. I am so happy for you Luvia…….I know they are going to just love you……can’t wait to get to konw your character…….

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