Shooting a short film

From November 12th – 15th, 2011 I shot an independent short film alongside an amazing Vancouver cast and crew.  I realized some important facts about myself, the industry and the importance of story.

What did I learn about myself?  It’s simple really… I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do!  I’ve arrived, I’m an actress, I’m fucking doing it!  Of course I’ve known I was an actress for quite some time.  I came out years ago!  I made the transition from answering the customary first meeting question, “So, what do you do?” with: “I am a business owner” to “I’m an actress” years ago. It was both liberating and affirming.

However… since then it has been the inevitable follow up question I have been a little less assured with. “Have you done anything I would have seen?” My typical response to this was always a joke, “It depends… what do you watch” hahaha… change subject and move on.  I used to tell myself it was because I didn’t feel comfortable unraveling my resume in front of strangers.  Well today, I have peeled away another layer from the ‘Luvia onion’ to reveal a personal truth.  It wasn’t because I was humble that I didn’t want to unravel my resume… it was because I didn’t feel my product was worthy.  That is to say I felt my contribution to the stories I had told as an actress were not worthy of revisiting, reviewing or talking about.  ugh.

Now for the AHA moment…  I am not limited to working on a Movie or TV show that doesn’t rev my engine.  How movies are made today versus twenty, ten, hell… a year ago, has changed.  Access to reasonably priced high end equipment has made the independent film market an exciting place where unknown actors can contribute to good necessary stories.

Enter the short film I just worked on. The script was both authentic and important.  I am proud to say I worked on it. I look forward to discussing it the next time someone asks me “What have you worked on lately?” and most important I feel empowered as an actress and contributor to telling stories!

Here are a few snap shots I took with my Blackberry on set… stay tuned for the trailer and the premier date announcement.

Thanks for reading.

Project: What Happened To Your Sister?

Director: Alissa McColl

Click on one of the photo’s bellow to enter the gallery.


also… check out my youtube channel where I capture Fiona & Jorge playing a futile game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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