My path to becoming an actress.

Contrary to what my mother might tell you, I was not born an actress.  Sure I played with imaginary friends. I also conducted interpretive dance performances in front of my grandparents camera.  My acting journey didn’t truly begin until I turned 25.  At the time I was working as a sales associate at a Video Production company.  This job was driving me to drink.  I knew I needed a change but I was too scared to take the leap.

A very good friend of mine told me, “If you take one step towards the universe, it will take ten steps towards you.” Sounded easy enough and what had I to loose?  I looked up acting schools in the phone book, the yellow pages for those of you who remember a pre-google time.  I noted down a few acting schools then closed the book and left the actually phoning on my to do list.  The very next day a flyer arrived on my doorstep for a local acting school. Wow, I thought, how serendipitous.

Later that week I attended an info session. As I left the building I was surrounded by a feeling of utter euphoria.  Acting was my calling and I knew it.  I was so certain in fact that when I returned to work, I gave my notice.  I was going to acting school!

I attended a two week program at Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts followed by their six month full-time Dramatic Arts Program.  I went in as a 25 year old hopeful dreamer and came out a 25 year old hopeful dreaming actress.  I now possessed the tools I needed to act professionally.  First stop: seek representation.  For me, the process of finding an agent was akin to going on a bunch of blind dates hoping someone liked me. At the time, it had not occurred to me that I was interviewing them too! After all, relationships are a two way street.

Even though I was new to acting, I was also very lucky.  I was able to secure a fabulous agent, Tania London of Talent Co.  I worked with Tania for four great years until Talent Co. went through a restructuring.  At that time Tania formed her own agency known as Entourage Talent.  I shopped around and decided on what is my current agency, JR Talent.  The agency boasts two of the sharpest ladies in the biz, the dynamic mother daughter duo Jodi & Gloria Rabey.

Once I was able to secure an agent, the auditions started and shortly after that bookings!  I remember saying to myself, if I can get an agent and go on one audition acting school will have been worth it! Well I’ve done that and then some.  That is not to say there haven’t been moments of doubt filled with fear and sprinkled with anxiety.  As a matter of fact, I carry those emotions with me constantly.  But like one acting teacher said to me, “The job of the actor isn’t to live without fear, it’s to do the work in spite of it.” M. Harrison.

At age 25, I made a decision to listen to my heart.    I wonder where I would be had I not made that life changing decision.  I suppose it is better to take action then to do nothing, and wonder what if.

4 thoughts on “My path to becoming an actress.

  1. The last couple of lines are so true. you don’t know where you will be if you hadn’t taken choices?

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