What I’ve done as an actress?

“What have you done, anything I would know?”

This is usually the first question I get when I come out as an actress to a group of new people. I don’t mind the question; I do feel a little shy unraveling my resume in front of people.  In all honestly I should probably let go of the need to have my resume approved by people and just own it.  (note to self: own it) For now I can direct people to this blog and free myself of unraveling my resume in front of strangers.

I guess one way to answer this question would be to direct you to my resume or my IMDB page. However, that lacks the personal tid bits one might like to read so… here you go!

I have appeared as a recurring character on the L-Word where I was very fortunate to work with actors like Jennifer Beals from my favorite childhood movie “Flashdance” and Pam Grier from Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown”.

* Story Time * My Ride to Set with Pam Grier…

When Pam and I were on our way to set she looked over at me and said, “You know,” as she continued full of infectious attitude, ” We ain’t gonna get off the cutting room floor in this scene!  You wanna know why?”

“Sure!” I replied, ecstatic to be communicating with THE JACKIE BROWN!

” Because we ain’t cryin’ and we ain’t havin sex, and those are the only two types of scene that make it in this show!” as she laughed at her funny ’cause it’s true humor I joined in.

That exchange was my first taste of working on a fabulous set with generous and fun actors and crew!  To say I was totally hooked to acting after this experience is an understatement!  My feet weren’t even touching the ground as I walked around on set.  I sincerely felt like I was finally home!

I have worked with many talented directors such as Chris Carter in “The X-files” and Edward Olmos in the latest Battlestar Galactica movie “The Plan”.

*Story Time* How I booked my role on X-Files “I want to Believe”…

Firstly I didn’t even know I was auditioning for X-Files until I walked in the room and BAM, Chris Carter and his dog are hanging out.  Sometime they keep movies pretty hush hush with internet leaks and so on.  So I read for Chris and he seems to like me.  He liked me enough to call me back and have me read for a lead role. Now I didn’t book it, however I was thrilled to have the opportunity and left it at that.

About a week later I was walking my dog at the beach and BAM, Chris Carter is walking his dog too. We chat for a bit and I walk away please that I got to have yet another exchange with MR X-Files himself.  The next day I get a call from my agent who says, “We just got a call from casting. Apparently Chris saw you at the beach and thinks it’s fate. He wants to offer you a small role in the movie!”

I worked 2 days on set, got paid very well and got to hang with Gillian Anderson.  Sweet!

I have starred in many independent productions all of which have taken a big part in honing my skills as an actor.  In one Anne Wheeler (director of Better Than Chocolate) production, I played a controlling girlfriend that couldn’t see past her own wants.  In another film I got to fight Chinese Zombies in fully choreographed fight scenes combining Kung Fu and Tai Chi, which I studied five weeks previous to shooting.

I have studied with amazing acting instructors like Warren Robertson, Simon Longmore, and Matthew Harrison.  Without these great instructors I certainly wouldn’t be the actress and human being I am today.

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